We Create

We specialize in creating complete software solutions, bringing your product from initial idea to commercial release.

Video & Mobile Games

We have created a long series of serious games, medical games and regular games, for mobile and PC.

Forensics Software

We have expertise in low-level OS programming and hardware interfaces, and have created world leading forensics software.

Medical Software

We have created multiple software solutions solving specific medical problems.

Web Applications

We create web applications, both consumer-oriented and enterprise solutions, that runs on any cloud and scale to millions of users.

Mobile Applications

We create beautiful mobile applications and games on both Android and IOS.

Research Projects

HuginTech has participated in several research projects and have coauthored peer-reviewed scientific papers.


HuginTech has participated in innovation projects and have brought an idea from the concept stage to the final product.

Gamification & Fun

Due to HuginTech's unique experience with video games, we gamify our 'serious' projects to increase user satisfaction, ease-of-use and retention.


Our software is used by millions around the world, and we have expertise making sure it can be localized to any language on the planet.

Fully Remote

HuginTech is a fully remote company, giving our employees all the perks of a remote job. At the end of the day, we have more free time to spend as we wish.


HuginTech is a multicultural company, with unique insights from people of a diverse background. We meet over the need and want to create quality software!

Developer Driven

HuginTech is a developer driven company. It is owned and managed by people who are programmers at heart.

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