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Woo’s Wonderful World Adventure Single Player

Woo’s Wonderful World Adventure Single Player edition is an action puzzle adventure game, where your objective is to take ‘Woo The Cat’ around the world rescuing your animal friends. Woo travels the world in his plane, going from country to country. Each country features beautiful artwork from the local culture, and has a unique child friendly puzzle Woo needs to solve, including freeing his captured and caged animal friends, clearing the dark skies currently being present in the country and more. You can also activate power-ups that will help you during the gameplay.

The game features, among other (learning) elements, a world map where Woo is flying from country to country, enabling the players to learn the names and locations of countries in the world. The games promotes logically solving puzzles and using your balance to

The end goal is to pass all the levels and liberate the world.

The game uses a Balance Board as an input device, and you move your body from left to right in order to control the game.