HuginTech is proud to be a partner in Project Gable, where HuginTech are responsible for creating all the games.

GABLE Project

Gable is a collaborative project including technology companies, universities, medical doctors and clinics in 5 European countries, partially financed by Horizon 2020. The project goal is to develop high quality games that medical professionals and caregivers can use to customize physical exercise for children and youth with Cerebral Palsy, while entertaining and motivating the children. The games are controlled using patient movements, and are adaptable to the individual user. The project also includes development of clinical tools, which medical professionals can use to measure and monitor the patients' physical capabilities. The project has several published scientific articles.

The final product is an online portal, where medical professionals, caregivers and children have access to a series of specially developed games and tools, in addition to a monitored social network for children with Cerebral Palsy.

HuginTech's role in the project is development of games and clinical tools. This includes research and development of ground-breaking control mechanisms, where the patients' condition-induced physical limitations is compensated for while interacting with games and clinical tools.